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Last updated: 30 August 2021

Note: This page might seem somewhat disjointed. It's a scratchpad of interesting ideas, links and notes related to topics I'm investigating or wrestling with.


Friday deploy freezes - on code freeze

Friday deploy freezes are exactly like killing puppies? Some interesting ideas in here.


Porting applications

A study in porting applications Ever tried to port an existing app to a different API or OS?


Evidence based software engineering

Evidence based software engineering book preview - Fascinating look at research of software development.


Inner Source Commons

Inner Source Commons web site - Inner Source details a great vision for bringing open source ways of work to any corporate or large organisation - there are no silver bullets but I'm convinced this would help most companies deliver better software.


How I side project

Blog entry - Just so many interesting ideas and thoughts to unpack here.


Wireless is a trap

Blog entry - Working from my home office - and before that in a typical open plan office layout - I have seen time and time again how much time wireless solutions can waste. Great for occasional convenience. For serious day after day work? Not so much.


Stop taking regular notes - Discussion of what is wrong with note taking and a suggested note taking method based on "Zettelkasten"


Andy's working notes - Great collection of info about knowledge work and clarity of thinking. This is inspiring research.


Rebuilding Slack on the Desktop

Blog entry - this article addresses some themes I'm sure most software developers can relate to, such as dealing with legacy architectures and modernisation of old code. Really interesting points made.


Impact vs backlog frame in software development

Blog entry The concept of a "backlog frame". Interesting reading and now try examine what frame your own team(s) operate in.


Programmer's critique of Missing Structure of Operating Systems

Blog entry - A neat summary of some of the problems with operating systems that I think most developers would agree on. Food for thought.


Tech Talk Travel - Ben Stephenson, founder & CEO Impala

Youtube video - Great insights into the tech side of the travel industry, focus for a possible upcoming blog series.


Lessons in career advancement

Career Abroad - How the Best Technologists Are Conquering the World


How to be effective in the theatre of work

An article by Tom Critchlow comparing knowledge work to improv theatre, where some startling parallels emerge.

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What we know we don't know

Related to my question what makes a good developer, I enjoyed this talk by Wayne Hillel.