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Last updated: 20 May 2020


Here are some snippets and tools that I find useful, that might be worth sharing. On the Resources for being a great developer page you'll find a more general collection of useful reading.


GIT Commands

Some GIT commands are a little harder to remember than others, and I find myself regularly searching for some operations. Hopefully this list will help me do less searching in future! 

  • Delete remote tag

    Yes, I regularly push the wrong tag and for the life of me can't remember how to delete a remote tag.

    git push --delete origin [tag name]

    For a bonus, check out DevDocs - a useful tool (also available in offline mode if needed) when needing command references: Git on DevDocs


PowerShell Snippets


  • List all personal profile locations

    Every so often I need to add or remove something from my PowerShell startup profile ($PROFILE), and for the life of me can never remember the syntax for listing them:

    $PROFILE | Format-List * -Force

    Taken (this time) from this handy article Undestanding the six PowerShell profiles on Microsoft DevBlogs

  • List all files and folders even hidden and system

    I miss the old quick dir /a options from command line. Here's how to do it with Get-ChildItem (aka dir): Use the -Force, Luke

    Get-ChildItem -Force
    dir -Force

    See the Get-ChildItem documentation

  • Check out my miscelaneous PowerShell utilities repo for more.




  • AutoHotKey

    AutoHotKey is one of those essential time savers for Windows based development or work life. You can use it to create and manage shortcuts for several commands or really almost any repetitive task. Check it out.


  • Chocolatey

    If you develop on Windows and don't know about Chocolatey, please go now and install it. It's like NPM, but for Windows applications. It's a time saver.

    Read about Chocolatey here: